>You might be an addict if…

>While reading a CNN article on the breakdown of Greek
society I came across this quote:

“Take Haris Georgatou, for example. A broadcast engineering
technician, he points out one way he’s adapted to the new
national concern. After years of spending $15 a day on
coffee, he now makes his own at work.”

Oh the suffering! But really, how much coffee do you have to
drink to spend $15 a day? In Greece!

Some quick calculations. The CIA World Factbook lists the
Greek GDP per-capita as $32,100 calculated according to
purchasing power parity. This isn’t adjusted for the
shipping-magnate effect. I’ll make the further, obviously
unrealistic, assumption that the average Greek works 50
weeks per year and only buys coffee on workdays. If Haris is
at all representative than the average Greek is spending 9%
of his pre-tax income on coffee. With priorities like this,
their financial difficulty start to make sense. It seems the
US isn’t the only country with a Columbian drug problem.

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