>Stuff Guilty People Like

>Christian Lander, author of the blog “Stuff White People Like,” opines in a CNN piece on his feelings of being ‘white.’ For the most part it’s the sort of self-loathing identity-politics that one would expect from a left-coast Liberal (and admitted Canadian at that!) Mr. Lander, apparently without irony, make a great deal about apocyrphal incidents where American Indians were given blankets infected with smallpox. This idea has since become a cultural meme, used to emphasize the inherent guilt allegedly associated with having successful ancestors.

What Mr. Lander forgets is that it was the techniques of Western Medicine and the scientific method developed as a part of Western Civilization which enabled the WHO to eradicate this gruesome plague from the world so that Mr. Lander may peacefully condemn his ancestors.

On behalf of white people everywhere I say to a world where people need fear one less disease: You are welcome.

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