>The Mommy Wars

>It’s said that the most important skill in comedy is timing and President Obama doesn’t disappoint. On the day after Mother’s Day he announced his second nominee for the Supreme Court, Elena Kagan, who also happens to be the second single, childless woman he has nominated. One of the original promises of feminism was to enable women to choose their roles in life. Over time however, this has become, to use a favorite Obama phrase, a “false choice.” Rather than make more roles acceptable for women, feminism has increased the stress upon them as women are now pressured to maintain a career as well as a family. The disputes between women has been termed “the mommy wars,” where women snipe at the decisions made by those who have decided differently and the most contested front is the balance between work and family. Unfortunately, to the extent one can read into this issue, Obama’s nominee reinforces the concept that giving up on having a family is the price women must pay to succeed professionally.

Women who desire a more balanced life may still look to the role model of Justice Ginsberg who is married with two children. She says that a marrying supportive husband was one of the most important factors in her successful legal career.

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