The Problem

The modern world seems full of problems that we are often stretching to solve. Part of the reason, I think, is that many of these problems are new to human experience. We know how to live in poverty – we have all of human history to teach us that. Bandits living by their physical strength off a large oppressed majority, whether they call themselves chiefs or kings are the mode throughout human history.

What we don’t know how to do is live in wealth.

How do we fashion a worthwhile life when our time is more free than not?

How do we care for and support older people who may go 30+ years without working?

When we are flooded with information, how do we determine what is worth spending time on?

These questions are often derided as “first world problems” as though they’re somehow unimportant. I think it’s deeper than that. We’re discovering an entirely new way to live.

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