Jobs of the Future: Creating New Markets

The Washington Post has an article up on how a woman leveraged her special knowledge of circumstances to create one of the jobs of the future.

he has founded, a Web site designed to efficiently match government contractors with workers with federal government experience.

This is a great example of what we’ll see more of in the future: a person has unique knowledge of a problem, finds a way to solve it, and uses technology to scale it up. It also illustrates what is valuable in markets: being able to quickly find what you need and then having a market thick enough that it can meet your requirements.

There’s been fragmentation within the job board category … so we’ve seen a number of more specialized job boards,” he said, noting that these focused sites can be more efficient for recruiters and employers. It “typically ends up being less expensive to advertise on a more nichey site … both from the perspective of the absolute dollars that you spend to place the ad combined with having to sort through fewer responses.”

While one-stop shops can be good, there’s also a need for niche sites which can offer unique products (in this case, employees) combined with relevant advice and guidance.

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