Will Millenials Revolutionize the Workplace?

I think it’s unlikely. Social norms are resilient and often arise for good reasons (sometimes for not so good ones, admittedly). An author at the Washington Post argues that we’ll see things shift with the next generation.

The good part of the alleged transition focuses on “results-oriented” work rather than time-oriented work:

In a MarchMTV survey of about 500 millennials, called “No Collar Workers,” 81 percent of respondents said they should be able to set their own hours, and 70 percent said they need “me time” on the job (compared with 39 percent of baby boomers). Ninety percent think they deserve their “dream job.” They expect to be listened to when they have an idea, even when they’re the youngest person in the room.

“Why do we have to meet in an office cross-country when we can call in remotely via Skype?” asks Megan Broussard, a 25-year-old New Yorker who worked at a large PR firm for three years before quitting to become a freelance writer and career adviser. “Why wouldn’t my opinion matter as much as someone else’s who only has a few more years of experience than I do?”

This will be a good change, but expect resistance from management. It’s tough to manage someone you can’t see (and managers are very paranoid about what employees are doing when they’re not around).

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