Education and Signalling

If we believe that the purpose of education is to gain skills, then why does this exist? Apparently, for some people, there is a signalling component (and quite a strong one). Right now, it appears that the service is just online.

When you are in a serious time crunch, or working full time the last thing you want to do when you get home is deal with your online class work for a class you have no interest in. We get that.  We are based in the United States and we can relate to what you are going through.   You will not find better customer service and guaranteed grades or your money back with any other company.   We know all of the online learning platforms in and out. Your class will be on cruise control the moment you sign up with us and if you have any questions or concerns we can be reached anytime.

We specialize in math, business or science classes, but we also offer assistance in a wide variety of other subjects. Please contact a specialist to discuss your class needs and we will let you know what we can do for you.

Why would someone be taking an online course that they have no interest in? There could be a selection effect – people might be assigned an online course by their employer because their employer thinks it’s better/cheaper than other training. This would mean that at least the employer thinks the course is worthwhile or wants some evidence of the employee’s skills so at least the tests are valid measures. But this means that the employee doesn’t think the course is worthwhile, so they outsource it. The goal for the employee/student in this scenario really is to just get the certificate of completion to please their employer, not necessarily learn. So far, online education has mainly been driven by autodidacts seeking to better themselves, so it should be especially immune to signalling. Perhaps this theory of being driven to take courses explains the take-your-course-for-you market?

Or perhaps some people want to learn some of the material but not enough, or aren’t confident enough, to get the “A” they want.

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