Reading the Tea Leaves

Kimberly Strassel has a column in the WSJ that I find truly confusing. Here’s the key quote:

So, that Obama ‘victory’: On Jan. 1, the president gets to give a news conference gloating over his tax win. He then faces four years and 20 days of a presidency marked by his ownership of a faltering economy, a spiraling debt problem, automatic sequester cuts, no prospect of further spending or tax revenue, and a debt-ceiling time bomb. If that’s this president’s idea of ‘victory,’ maybe it’s what he deserves.

A “faltering economy”? No prospect of further tax revenue? She must have access to some forecasts which are hidden from economists and businesses. Everyone else not enclosed in the Republicans’ Washington bubble sees a continuing, if entirely too slow, recovery which will naturally lead to increased revenue.

This is the problem with becoming trapped in a worldview which insists on denying the data.

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