Who Gets Ph.D.s?

The National Science Foundation has released some new data breaking down the recipients of doctoral degrees in 2011 by a variety of categories. Remembering my own days in grad school, I looked at the proportion of degrees granted to U.S. Citizens versus those studying on temporary visas. Here are the fields where the lowest percentage of degree recipients are U.S. Citizens:

Field Percent US Citizens
Computer engineering 31.4
Agricultural economics 34.3
Electrical, electronics, and communications engineering 35.7
Civil engineering 36.5
Other engineering, aggregated 37.3
Food science, food technology-other 38.3
Industrial and manufacturing engineering 39.5
Economics, econometrics 40.7
Structural engineering 42.0
Mechanical engineering 43.5
Environmental health engineering 43.8
Condensed matter/low temperature physics 44.2
Materials science engineering 44.3
Engineering 44.4
Soil chemistry, soil sciences-other 46.6

And here are the fields with the highest percentage of degrees going to U.S. Citizens:

Field Percent US Citizens
Educational psychology (psychology) 98.2
Urban education and leadership 98.2
School psychology (education) 97.5
School psychology (psychology) 97.2
American history (U.S. and Canada) 96.9
Family psychology 96.7
Music education 96.7
Letters, aggregated 96.3
Clinical psychology 96.2
Science education 95.7
Educational administration and supervision 95.7
Counseling education/counseling and guidance 95.6
Education administration 95.3
Elementary teacher education 95.2
Counseling 95.1
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